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Music from Germany: the 10 German songs to make up your 2018 summer soundtrack
Stephen Fuchs
Beschreibung: The 10 German Songs to Make Up Your 2018 Summer Soundtrack

What’s not to love about summer? The days are longer, the sun shines brighter, and the music scene heats up with some of the best new songs of the year. Artists hope to produce that special song that will be playing at every outdoor party and that will forever live as the soundtrack to our summer memories.

Germany’s music scene is filled with amazing new sounds and talent that rarely gets the attention it deserves. So before you settle on the same songs that everyone else has picked as your personal summer soundtrack, the music editors at German Pulse have ten summer selections that might just sway you over to the land of German music. This is your chance to be different. To hear these tracks along with a selection of other great new German songs to serve as your summer soundtrack, add the HEIMATabroad Sommer 2018 playlist on Apple Music (apple.co/2JSp2Nb) or Spotify(spoti.fi/2JSeRIp).

Emree Kavás - “Baby” A song about regrets over a lost relationship may seem like an odd pick for a great summer anthem, but this unconventional love song will stay with you all summer long.

Namika - “Je ne parle pas français” Language barrier getting in the way of your summer fling? Even if that’s not the story of your life, this catchy single will have you on your feet and dancing in the summer heat in no time.

Badetasche - “Sommer am See (feat. Laurenz)” This aptly titled song captures the excitement and magic of a new summer love, and if you find yourself experiencing a piece of that this summer, this chill track will perfectly set the mood.

Max Giesinger - “Legenden” Wake up and chase after your goals this summer. If you need that extra kick to start living your dreams, this summer song might just be the perfect motivational anthem.

Jona Bird- “Halt Mich” A timeless folk sound rarely found in German music — we’re not talking volksmusik— this fun summery song will have you strumming along all summer in no time.

Die Fantastischen Vier - “Zusammen (feat. Clueso)" Die Fantastischen Vier is back, teaming up with Clueso, on a song that will make the perfect soundtrack to the wild and crazy adventures you and your friends will embark on this summer.

Chiqanne - “Sommerzeit” Whether you’re sitting back with a few friends at the end of a party or riding home with the windows down late at night, this dark yet oddly bright track will set the mood right.

Marii - “Zu Zweit ans Meer” This song has everything you need to make it your track for chilling at the beach with friends or hanging poolside and does its job at staying with you long after the song ends.

Mark Forster - “Like a Lion” The perfect accompaniment to your favorite summer sport, whether that is kicking a ball around or getting a group together for the ultimate water balloon fight.

Gorilla Funk - “Gorilla Funk (feat. Gentleman)” Combining their African roots with the German language to create a song you don’t want to stop, this takes the summer sound to the next level and completes any summer soundtrack.

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