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Ulli's Oil Mill
Gabi Hegan
Beschreibung: On January 11th, 2019 the winners of the Good Food Awards were presented in the historic San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center. Among the winners was Ulrike Sitter of Ulli’s Oil Mill NYC, a native Austrian and Mom of 2 children.

Ulli’s mission is to build a local oil seed culture embedded into a healthy local crop rotation. She follows Hippocrates in “Let Food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, and thinks in sustainable circles.

After producing cold pressed oils at lowest possible temperature from camelina, raps, sunflower chili, hemp and Austrian pumpkin seeds Ulli transforms the press cake from her award winning stamp pressed hemp seed oil into an up-cycled protein fiber for which she won the Good Food Award 2019 in the OIL category.

Good Food Awards recognizes truly good food, the kind that brings people together and builds strong, healthy communities, and honors craftsmanship and flavor in combination with social and environmental responsibility.

The introduction to the awards was given in Italian by the Founder of the International Slow Food Movement, Carlo Petrini, who emphasized the exciting times the US food scene is entering. “A real food revolution is happening right now.” In his speech Petrini emphasized, however, that the best price for the winners is the “happiness in doing something just”. According to the Slow Food Movement, food has to be shared. It has to be clean. It cannot destroy the environment. You have to pay a fair price and a fair wage. The current food revolution is a sign of peace.

Ulrike Sitter started her company out of her own quest for delicious cold pressed oils she knew from growing up in Austria. As she could not find what she was looking for she took matters into her own hands and started finding farmers to grow her organic oil seeds and producing her oils with the smallest available professional oil press in a shared kitchen in Brooklyn.

You can read more about Ulli Sitter in our Lebenslinien Interview on heimatabroad.com (in German) and order her products on www.ullisoilmill.com.

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