HEIMAT abroad | Frühling 2018


Note from the Editor
Gabi Hegan
Beschreibung: Die erste Ausgabe von HEIMAT abroad ist da!

Dear Reader,

We are very excited to introduce our first edition of HEIMAT abroad to you. The magazine is a collaboration between German World Magazine, founded in 2003, and the online platform www.heimatabroad.com. It will be published quarterly.

Who is the magazine for? On one hand, HEIMAT abroad is a platform for German-speaking expats who will live in the US for a certain period of time. It addresses topics like moving and relocation, cultural differences, legal issues and challenges of the daily life. On the other hand, the magazine was created to support immigrants who plan to stay in the US long-term or even forever. In addition to that, it offers meaningful news and articles for Americans with German, Swiss or Austrian roots.

Who is the team behind HEIMAT abroad? HEIMAT abroad will be co-published by Gabi Hegan and Petra Schurmann, starting in Spring 2018. Gabi has been serving the German-speaking expat community since 2010. In addition to www.heimatabroad.com, she also runs www.citykinder.com and founded the ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR, which first took place in fall 2017 in New York. Petra is the CEO and owner of the web portal www.german-world.com, founded in 2001. Until recently, she was the sole publisher of the bilingual German World Magazine, which is now being continued as HEIMAT abroad.

This collaboration allows HEIMAT abroad to address a larger audience of German speaking expats and German-Americans, who can benefit from our fresh and informative content.

The managing team of our magazine is completed by editor-inchief Juliane Tranacher. However, a production of this size would not be possible without our graphic designers Conny Gaertner and Anna-Maria Furlong, as well as our contributors.

You would like to subscribe to the magazine? Here’s how: If you are reading a free trial copy of our magazine and decide to receive HEIMAT abroad quarterly, you can either subscribe by mail or via www.heimatabroad.com (more info on page 50).

We hope you enjoy reading HEIMAT abroad and we are looking forward to your feedback!

With best regards,

Gabi Hegan & Petra Schurmann

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