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Sommer 2019

Miriam Farnbauer
Besuch des Bundespräsidenten Frank-Walter Steinmeier mit Frau Elke Büdenbender beim German American Vocational Career Program am Los Angeles Trade Technical College im Juni 2018
Gabi Hegan
Raising a multicultural and multilingual child is not very uncommon in an environment like New York City, but it is a very unique experience for parents who did not grow up that way.....
Christoph Mücher
Christoph Muecher leitet das Deutschlandprojekt in den USA: Wunderbar Together
Christoph Mücher
2018/19 is the dedicated Deutschlandjahr in the US under the motto: Wunderbar together
Vittoria Somaschini | Clements Expat Insurance
The US offers a different set of insurances. Find out which ones are essential during your time as an expat in the US.
NA | Clements Worldwide
Whether you’re still in Germany preparing for your move to the United States or already living here, learning a new insurance market is critical.
Dr. Florian Feuser
Interkulturelle Kompetenz ist eine wichtige Komponente für erfolgreiche Auslandseinsätze.
Tully Niessenson | CreditStacks
Building credit history is essential in the US for everyday life, but it's not an easy feat for a foreigner without any credit building transactions in the US. We show you how you can easily navigate that challenge!
Kathrin Schönberg
Born in Hamburg, Bjarne Mädel went toCalifornia in March to receive the “Spotlight Award” for his role as Georg Schneider inthe film “25 km/h” at the “Berlin & Beyond. Festival” in San Francisco. In his acceptance speech at the Castro Theater, Bjarne described how he had gotten this role: “The casting agent of “25 km/h” showed the director Markus Goller two photographs before the shoot: One of Lars Eidinger and one of Bjarne Mädel. She said: “Either you’re doing the movie with these two guys or don’t do it at all”. And as you can see, the director listened to her and that’s why I’m here tonight. And now, I wish you “good luck” with the movie!” After the film, our HEIMAT abroad contributor Kathrin Schönberg met Bjarne for a short interview
Juliane Tranacher
Was bringt Deutsche, Österreicher und Schweizer nach Amerika? Was lieben sie an dem Land und was vermissen sie an ihrer alten Heimat? Wir stellen in jeder Ausgabe einen Auswanderer oder Expat vor. In dieser Folge: den Stararchitekten Helmut Jahn.
Barbara Schniebel
James Freeman | German American Chamber of Commerce New York
German-style apprenticeship programs are coming to the U.S.
Gabi Hegan
Everyone loves a great “Sommerfest” which provide opportunity to get in touch with your German heritage and culture.
On May 19th, 2019, the German-American Steuben Parade Committee of Greater NY selected Sophia Huber, a 23-year-old resident of Great Neck, NY, as Miss German-America 2019.
Gabi Hegan
The Steuben Society of America celebrate their 100-year anniversary on May 19th at the prestigious West Point Club in upstate New York
Ilonka Lindenhain
Homeschooling ist in Deutschland nicht erlaubt. Befindet man sich aber im Ausland ist es eine tolle Möglichkeit für Familien, den deutschen Lehrstoff zu vermitteln.
Petra Schurmann | AMAWaterways
More than 1.5 million travelers took to the rivers of Europe in 2018, 40 percent of them were from North America. The percentage is estimated to grow even more. Why has river cruising seen such an increase in popularity?

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